The moment has come and indoor dining is back.

As Michigan restaurants reopen today, let me just throw this out there for everyone...don't be a d*ck! As many people prepare to head back out to their favorite restaurant to grab a bite of something they've been craving, let's all enjoy it together.

As it seems like most people's first action is to be a jerk lately, let's just remember that we are all human and should be kind to each other, staff and customers alike. Here are a few things to remember before you flip the Karen switch for now reasons.

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This situation is new to everyone. Restaurants and staff are navigating this situation the best they can. Don't freak out if you have to wait in your car for a bit or if they have to shuffle things around to accommodate. Give them a minute, they're working it out for you, I promise.

With restaurants being closed to indoor service since November, some of the waitstaff may be a bit rusty. You can't blame them one bit for that. Again, don't be a jerk. They've got to knock the rust off and get their flow back too.

Also, there is a good chance that every restaurant is going to do things a bit differently from the rest. Don't argue and say that you can do certain things at other places. Each restaurant is following the guidelines and doing the best they can with the space and staff that they have.

Bottom line is that if you plan to go out, don't be a jerk and just enjoy yourself, stay safe, and support local. Cheers!

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