The big day is this Saturday, the first annual Tim Horton's Cardboard Classic Sled Race at Mt. Holly.  Over 50 teams will be participating in the race.  Get all the details about when to be there and how it will work here.

If your team is ready for the Classic, here are all the details...

12:30pm-2pm: Sled registration.

  • Please show up as close to 12:30 as possible. We have over 50 sleds participating in the race and we want to make this as easy as possible on you.
  • When you arrive, please go directly to the registration tent to check-in, pay (if you haven’t already), sign waivers, and get your team number.
  • After we have confirmed your sled information, your team will be assigned a “pit area” where you can display your sled for the judges and make last minute preparations for the race.

2pm: Races begin.

  • Groups of 20-25 sleds will be climbing to the top of the hill at a time. Please stay close to your sled after 2pm so you don’t miss your time to travel up the starting line.
  • Races will consist of two teams per run. After your first run, please return to your “pit area” to make any repairs or stop by the Auto Pride Collision tent to get help with your repairs.
  • Once the first heat has been completed, all sleds that are still capable of going down the hill will take their second run.

5pm’ish: Winners will be announced.

  • Once all races have been completed and the scores have been tallied, the top three winners from each category will be announced.
  • Judging Categories:
    • Speed – The top three fastest sleds will walk away with a prize. (Speed score based on the average of both heats)
    • Creativity of Sled – The three most creative sleds will win this category.
    • Costume

If you haven't registered, no problem, just get there early to get signed up for the race.  If you would like to sign up now, enter your team information below.

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