Before the Big Game on Sunday, the Banana Crew invaded Debby Blom's house in Grand Blanc and we had a blast!

Debby and her husband Mike were great hosts and we had a lot of fun hanging out with them before the game. Banana 101.5's Big Game Home Invasion presented by Dort Federal Credit, landed them a lot of cool things. They received a huge gift basket of prizes from Dort Federal, a big 4K smart TV from Walmart, and a bunch of great food from Blondie's Food & Spirits.

When we arrived, they were ready to party! You can tell from the amount of booze that was ready and waiting that we were in for a good time. Debby definitely earned her spot on the Banana roster after going shot for shot with Maggie (we can thank Tequila Dan for that.) All of their family and friends that came out to party were a ton of fun and we thank you all for the good times.

P.S. - Jeremy, we hope your boss excepted Maggie's message about not showing up to work today!

Until next year!



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