The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory on Belle Isle in Detroit is set to start a $1.9 million renovation October 1st.

Don't worry if you had plans to go, parts of the conservatory will still be open during the project. The north and south wings and the show house will stay open. The main portion of the renovation project will take place on the conservatory dome. The 20 steel trusses that support it will be fixed and some replaced and should be completed sometime in April 2019.

The conservatory is one of the most popular attraction in Detroit and features exotic and rare plants from all over the globe. It is also the nations oldest continually running aquariums.

While reservations for private parties are not available until after the project is finished, you can still visit other parts of the conservatory. If you are heading down there, you will be able to get into the facility through the lily pond garden entrance on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.

Source: MLive

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