The folks at Bad Lip Reading always do a great job making our politicians look even more ridiculous than they already appear. This time they're back to have some fun with Bernie and Hilldog... but mostly Bernie.

The debates have become pretty tough to watch on both sides, but especially on the Democratic side. At this point, we know all of Bernie's answers before he does -- handful of billionaires, Hillary voted for the Iraq war, tax havens, universal health care, yadda yadda yadda. Hillary is more of a wild card, because when she's not campaigning for "Obama's third term," she's changing positions to appeal to Sanders' young voters and saying "I've always supported that." Nice try, Hillary, but we remember four months ago and you don't have one of those Men in Black memory eraser flash pens.

Aside from the occasional flip flop -- we've seen the same debate six or seven times now. That's why we're glad someone finally decided to have some fun with all of Bernie's unusual gestures. We like Bernie, but wish he would stop acting like he's signaling to the waitress that he needs more coffee. It's really easy to make fun of, but BLR got inventive with it, and, as usual, knocked it out of the park.

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