Even before the big interstate rivalry football game between Michigan and Michigan State last weekend bad blood was brewing.

During the pregame workouts before the big game last weekend between Michigan and Michigan State there was a little incident that stirred the pot a little bit. Not that both teams didn't like each other before but the Spartans walk across the filed with all the player's arms locked going right through some Wolverines players, well that made the game a little bit more interesting that's for sure.

The commissioner of the Big Ten conference fined MSU $10k for the on the field antics. In which the pregame itinerary was set to have both teams separated before the game, but Michigan State was 10 minutes late which caused this incident. Wolverines Linebacker Devin Bush who was involved with the incident decided to take it a little personal and head right to midfield and clean off his cleats on the Spartans logo.

This just goes to show you that the rivalry is alive and well. Even though the game didn't live up to the pregame hype. GO BLUE.

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