Is it a slow news day or am I just tired from the LA Guns show at the Machine Shop last night? Probably the ladder. 

So for all of you bird lovers or people that like news bloopers - I give you a bird landing on an anchor woman's head (okay slow news day too). Nichelle Medina handled the bird interruption much better than I would have. First of all, I am terrified of birds, second of all I am TERRIFIED of birds! I have friends that have birds and it is a rule that if I am over the bird(s) stay caged. I feel as if they are always ready to attack. Is that weird?

I once had a bat land in a fake hair bun I had on top of my head. The bat did not just fly away, it sat in the bun. Instead of my hair being a "rat's nest" - apparently, it was a "bat's nest."

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