Sunday's (7/21/13) edition of The Flint Journal featured an unusual coupling of headlines on the front page -- one about the city's rising death toll and the other promoting a free trip... to the city with a rising death toll. Oops!

Here at the Banana, we make plenty of boneheaded mistakes both on-air and online. When you get hammered as much as we do -- mistakes will be made. I don't know if we've ever had a fail as epic as this one though. Not only is it a bit insulting (albeit unintentionally) to those affected by the tragic events mentioned in the top story, but it is also counterproductive to their promotion of the contest. Don't believe me, check out some of these quotes from Twitter:

"I don't think I want the free trip to flint" --

"Flints death toll on the rise / free trip to Flint.... #goodjob Flint Journal #hometownpride lol" -- 

"Win a free trip to beautiful Flint, Mich.! p.s. murder #s on the rise. Great story placement. HT" --

Flint Journal Death Toll Free Trip

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