The Bob Evans on Center Rd in Flint is closing their doors for good on April 22nd.

A sign is posted in the front door of the restaurant alerting customers that the location will be closing.  Signs that they may be closing have been around for a while now, as the hours that they are open have been getting smaller and smaller.

The good news is that the employees will be transferred to other Bob Evans locations for work.  The bad news is that the plaza at the corner of Center and Lapeer roads is becoming a ghost town.

The two biggest buildings now stand empty after Target closed down earlier this year.  This is an important corner for Flint, even though most people don't think twice about it.

If Flint is going to have any successful organized sports at The Dort Event Center, they need a successful commerce area around them.  Nobody wants to drive through a ton of abandoned buildings to get to a game.

I'm not saying the fate rests on Bob Evans, but it's just another empty building that needs to be filled now.