A fight between some chicks, and maybe some dudes (it's tough to tell) at the Burton Walmart ends with a kick so nasty it would make Kevin Nash flinch.

Department store fighting is becoming so popular with chicks in Genesee County, that it's threatening to reach "time-honored tradition" status. Recent examples include fights at the Flint Chuck E. Cheese's and the Burton Meijer Nail Salon (a particularly vicious throwdown), and now we add the Burton Walmart to our local fight video playlist.

I guess neither party was patient enough to say "cash me ousside howbow dah?" and take their skirmish to the parking lot, so they decided to get down right there in boys' clothing section. Seriously though, when did everybody stop taking it outside? That used to be a thing, right? I distinctly remember DMX rapping "1, 2, meet me outside."

The video is reportedly from this past weekend, but I initially assumed it was an old video based solely on the amount of employees there. I haven't seen this many employees on the clock at the Burton Walmart since Black Friday. Luckily, they were able to break up the fight before too much "American Carnage" took place, but not before one of the combatants landed a fight-ending kick.

All the commotion takes away from the real impact of the kick, but if you watch it a few times -- you begin to appreciate its true power. Just look how far that kick moved the victim. I wouldn't want to catch that anywhere in my mid-section.

By the way, if you didn't get that "cash me ousside" reference earlier, do yourself a favor and watch the video below.

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