I think most Michiganders would agree that geese are among the most annoying creatures in the entire state.

Depending on where you live in Michigan, Candian geese can be a real nuisance with their honking, hissing, pooping, and aggressive behavior.

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Geese are everywhere in my neighborhood in Grand Blanc. They drive everyone insane, especially me. The biggest problem is their rooftop parties. These geese will land on the roof and run around honking nonstop at other geese on other roofs in the neighborhood. It literally sounds like someone is running around on my roof above my bed. It's super annoying when you're trying to sleep in on the weekend.

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They've been getting so bad, I was starting to wonder how I could get rid of them. Apparently, it's not as easy as I was hoping.

Can You Legally Shoot Geese on Your Property in Michigan?

The answer is a big fat no. Not only is it illegal to shoot and kill geese, but it is also illegal to harm them in any way at all. This includes harming their eggs or their nests in the United States without permission from the U.S. Fish and Wild Service.

Can You Hunt Geese in Michigan?

While Canadian geese are protected by federal law, you can hunt them during goose hunting seasons from September 1 into early February in various locations across Michigan. According to michigan.gov, some of these seasons are set to specifically target resident geese.

It is also illegal to intentionally hit geese with your car. However, you can slow down your vehicle and try to kind of coax them along. This usually does the trick. From time to time though, you may encounter a stubborn goose that refuses to move. If this happens, just be patient...very patient.

The state does offer some relief in late June when Canadian geese are flightless. You can request to have the birds trapped and transported out of the area if they are a problem. I would have to imagine that it would require an extreme situation before anything would actually be done.

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