Cedar Point may be returning to normal hours soon.

Due to not being able to find enough employees, Cedar Point has had to adjust its schedule to accommodate for the lack of help. After offering a new $20 per hour wage, the park is now able to find new employees.

We’ve seen great response over the last few weeks as we raised our wages...We’ll continue to add back hours and add back days as we get deeper into June...said Cedar Fair CEO Richard Zimmerman.

That is great news for anyone trying to plan a trip to Cedar Point or Cedar Point Shores waterpark this summer. Currently, in June, the parks are only open on select days and for select hours. The labor shortage to start the season left Cedar Fair with no choice but to keep both parks closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The parks also closed earlier in the day, at 8 pm.

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This is the most challenging labor market I’ve seen in 20 years...This is not a typical economic slowdown. This is a pandemic-caused shutdown and now reopening of the economy. That makes it uniquely different...said Zimmerman.

Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores are not the only parks in the Cedar Fair company to see similar problems and solutions. Michigan's Adventure and WildWater Adventure have also adjusted hours and are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Kings Island in Ohio just increased their hourly wage to $18 for some jobs. Kings Dominion in Virginia has done the same as well.

Source: Cleveland.com

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