Nurses are the definition of essential workers right now, and that's why we feel like we need to celebrate them for an entire month.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, nurses have been asked to put their own safety on the line to treat the massive influx of patients coming in. This means longer hours than they normally work, and in some cases, being forced to quarantine from their own family.

Imagine being forced to be away from your family for the duration of this pandemic. This is something we've all been forced to deal with, but the expectations on our nurses are even heavier.

That's exactly why we teamed up with ELGA Credit Union to honor the nurses working so hard in Genesee County and the surrounding area. Each day we will honor three nurses that have been nominated by you. The nurses will get a prize bag from ELGA Credit Union along with a Visa Gift Card. If you want to nominate a nurse, just download our station app below and send us their information.

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Celebrating Mid-Michigan Nurses



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