This week is teacher appreciation week so why not take the time to appreciate some really sexy teachers.

Okay, so maybe all of the teachers in the video above aren't really teachers but who cares, right? I'm sure there isn't one that's actually a teacher lol. So instead of celebrating teacher appreciation week, we'll just celebrate hot chicks that pretend to be teachers.

Growing up as a kid, I was never lucky enough to have a really hot teacher. There was never any days sitting in class daydreaming about my teacher taking her shirt off that's for sure. Well, there was one teacher that only had for one hour a day while I was in sixth grade but that was really it. All my teachers were pretty old and cranky, nothing hot and sexy about that one bit.

While others celebrate this week remembering teachers that made an impact on their lives,  I'll celebrate with teachers that make an impact in my pants.



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