Get ready to be horrified.

There are 6 radio stations in this building, so that means several employees. As in a lot of people sharing coffee pots, computers, bathrooms and a microwave. Out of all of those things, you would think the bathrooms would be the most gross - nope. The scariest thing in this building is the microwave.

For some reason, no one cares. This microwave has been here for several years. As a matter of fact, the last person to clean it is no longer in this building. That person transferred to another one of our markets. Do you think it was because of this microwave?

Full disclosure, I too use the microwave. Maybe I am part of the problem, but I do cover my food before popping in it in to reheat. According to Tony LaBrie, he too covers his food. So clearly we are the only ones taking precautions. I cover my food because I don't want it to splatter everywhere, and second of all - I don't want any of the goop crusted to the walls of the microwave falling into my food.

Since I am essentially calling out messy co-workers, I bit the bullet and cleaned the microwave. You can see the before and after pictures below. I will let you know how long it stays clean. What about where you work? Do you share a microwave with fellow co-workers? If so, is it as gross as ours usually is?

The Microwave