Once again TSA goes all ballistic over something completely harmless. This time it's over a light saber cane that actually belong to Peter Mayhew. What? what do you mean "Who's Peter Mayhew?" He's the dude that played Chewbacca the original Star Wars movies. Geez, get a clue, dude! Anyway, the TSA officials said they wanted to inspect Mayhew's huge walking stick..(that's what she said)...before allowing it on the plane. After having his cane confiscated, Mayhew then tweeted "Giant man need giant cane" from his verified Twitter account when the incident happened. He also posted photos showing a TSA agent holding the replica laser sword, which comes up to his chest. A few moments after the tweets from Mayhew went out a huge outcry from his followers went out to TSA, who then allowed Mayhew and his cane to finally get on the plane. However, in a brief statement to the Associated Press, TSA said that the tweets had nothing to do with their decision to allow Mayhew's cane on the plane. Yeah, right. you know the wookie always wins. Here's Mayhew's tweet following the releasing of his cane.

[Source: Huffington Post]