A toilet themed restaurant is China has a very unusual theme.  As a matter of fact, it may say the atmosphere is down right "crappy". The restaurant is called "Modern Toilet".  It features toilets for seats and get this, urinals as wall decor.  It gets better/grosser; some menu items are as follows:

  • "Excrement Ice Cream"
  • "Toilet Bowl Hot Pot"
  • "Fried Poo Sticks"

Barf.  The owner of the restaurant, Xu Liang says:

"Sometimes unusual combinations can work.  A toilet and a restaurant are complete opposites but combined together they make for a unique experience".

Gross, gross, gross! The food is not real "crap", but it sure sounds like it!  I would never be able to eat any of the above mentioned food or in this place period.

I'll eat "crap" the old fashion way, FAST FOOD!