There's a possibility that the Chinese space station Tiangong 1 which launched in 2011 could come crashing to earth this Sunday morning. It's also possible that debris from the space station could fall somewhere in Mid-Michigan.

According to ABC12, in 2016 China lost communication and control of the space station which is now decaying and falling back to earth. From what I understand, it's really difficult to nail down where exactly it's going to crash as the school bus-size space station is slowing down at different rates.

There's a stretch across the United States that the Chinese space station could hit and that includes parts of Mid-Michigan. Before you start freaking out, let me tell you, you're more than likely to win the lottery before getting hit by any debris from the station. You still may want to look at the sky early Sunday morning as some of the debris could be visible as it crashes to earth.



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