Not sure if this will catch on or not…I mean....air…in a can…that’s like selling bottled wat…..ter. Ummm. Never mind. Either way. somebody should get Mel Brooks on the phone.

When some or maybe even most of us first saw or heard of the idea of canned air we were watching Mel Brook’s outlandish and hilarious take on science fiction movies known as Spaceballs. But now thanks to a Chinese entrepreneur named Chan Guangbiao its no longer a piece of sci-fi pop-culture.

According to sources Guangbiao is known for stunts like this. In this particular effort Guangbiao is trying to draw attention to China’s pollution and smog problem. What's even better is that his product comes in three “atmospheric” flavors Pristine Tibet, Post-industrial Taiwan and revolutionary Yan'an. However, even with such inventive and savory flavors to choose from I don’t think this will reduce China’s energy or coal use.

[Source: Weird Asia News]