I learned earlier this month that people do not like it when their favorite dishes are taken off of a menu. Exhibit A - Taco Bell. The fast food giant removed a handful of items from its menu, and people went nuts. If you think about it, you can pretty much recreate some of the items that were cut by getting creative when you place your order.

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I had no idea until now, that Chipolte even served carne asada before. It was on the menu in September of 2019, but was only available for a few months. Now for a limited time you can once again fill your face with carne asada at Chipolte.

According to CNN, the meat was so popular when it was available, the chain ran out of it. That is unlikely to happen this time around. The company found more suppliers. Good to know, if not it really could have been touch and go for carne asada fans.

Chipolte is rolling out carne asada as follows,

  • Rewards members in the U.S. will get exclusive access to Carne Asada on September 22 and September 23 via the Chipotle app and Chipotle website.
  • From September 24 through September 27, the premium protein will be available as a digital-only menu item for all fans via the Chipotle app and Chipotle website.
  • Starting September 28, carne asada will be available in-restaurant and across all digital channels including third party delivery services.

I also read that in some markets, unfortunately not in the Flint area, Chipolte is testing out cauliflower. I would definitely be down to try that. I love replacing meat with cauliflower. Vehicle City Tacos had (maybe they still do on occasion), an awesome one. If you have eaten from the VCT truck, than you know everything they serve is so good.

Damn, anyone else hungry for a taco or burrito now? This totally happens every time I write an article about food. Bon Jovi, I mean Bon Appetit.

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