I do enjoy the football, but when it comes to the 'Big Game' - I especially like watching the commercials. I am trying not to watch the spots that have already been released for 2019, but I could not resist watching the new spot for Stella Artois beer featuring Jeff Bridges as 'The Dude'. It is awesome.

Like I said, it is hard not to watch the commercials that have already been released. However, it is okay to watch Big Game ads that were never seen on your TV screen. You can certainly watch the 'too hot for TV' spots on YouTube, and that is exactly where I found the commercial above for the AXE Detailer. I know it is a few years old, but I never saw it. Did you?

The Axe Detailer can help you clean more than footballs. You can clean everything from small balls to old balls and every ball in between. I feel like this product could really come in handy. You can actually order one here. Now get out there and clean some balls!

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