I am not a fan of the song 'Old Town Road', but I am a fan of actor Sam Elliott and Doritos - so this teaser commercial piqued my curiosity.

It's no secret that other than the football game itself, commercials are a big part of the Big Game. Truth be told, I watch the commericals closer than I do the game. As in years past, we will get to see quite a few of the spots before game day. To date, this is the first one that I have seen released - and it is just a teaser clip.

After watching, I am still not sure what 'Old Town Road' has to do with Doritios - what I do know is that Sam Elliott is awesome. Are you kidding me with that voice? It is everything.

On a side note, the Banana is once again hosting our 'Big Game Home Invasion'. This is your opportunity to have me, Tony, Chris, and Derek at your house for the Big Game. We will broadcast right from your living room and bring you a 50" 4K HD TV, an LG Bluetooth Sound Bar, a $250 gift card, and food for you and your guests from Blondie's Food & Spirits!  You can get additional information here. I hope we will be partying with you on Sunday, February 2nd. Cheers!



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