CNN got a hold of some outrageous and scandalous FBI disciplinary reports, marked "not for public dissemination," The reports had been emailed to all FBI employees, with the intent to “educate employees about the Bureau's standards of conduct and to aid employees in steering clear of ethical pitfalls." Hmmm, just what is an “ethical pitfall”?

Well in this case "ethical pitfall" means “Sexting”.According to CCN’s report, FBI assistant director Candice Will told them that the FBI is experiencing a "rash of sexting," with employees using their Bureau-issued Blackberries.

But, sexting is not the only issue or “ethical pitfall” going on behind the scenes at the Bureau. Other reports detail acts such as buying sexual favors from a "massage parlor," pointing a gun at a dog, and even looking at child porn. Here a short list of the "crime[s] and punishment[s]" for each agent. You can see the entire list at CNN’s site.

"Employee visited a massage parlor and paid for a sexual favor from the masseuse." (14-day suspension)

"During an argument with spouse, Employee broke spouse's e-reader in half and pointed unloaded gun at dog's head while dog was sitting in spouse's lap." (45-day suspension)

"Employee e-mailed nude photograph of herself to ex-boyfriend's wife. Ex-boyfriend and wife reported the incident to local police. Employee failed to cease contact with ex-boyfriend and wife after twice being ordered to do so by supervisor and Chief Security Officer." (10-day suspension)

"Employee used personal cell phone to send nude photographs of self to several other employees." (10-day suspension)

"When caught in sting operation, Employee admitted purchasing and viewing DVDs of naked boys." (Fired)

[Source: CNN]