If you travel on I-475 South often, you may have noticed a little detour this week.

Parts of southbound I-475 are completely shut down, including both southbound on-ramps at Clio road and those at Saginaw street in Mt. Morris. The construction started this past Monday and will run all the way until July. I-475 South does open back up after Carpenter road.

North and South I-475 will also see quite a bit of lane closures for the next week, as will other areas under construction until the fall. Starting at the I-475 and I-75 merger, northbound will be down to a single lane until you get hit with double lane closures that will run from Saginaw to Court street. Just when you thought it was done there is more. A single lane closure will run from Stewart Ave to Hemphill Rd until August on both North and South I-475.

If you use these routes for work like I do, start to make changes to your commute. It has only just begun.

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