Yesterday we brought you video of Alice Cooper and the Foo Fighters rocking out together at the The National Bowl in Milton Keynes, U.K. Apparently that wasn't the only footage worth seeing from that show, check out this cop taking a dip compliments of a rowdy Foo fan.

It takes a serious lack of fear (and brain cells) to attempt a move as ballsy as this. The officers in the video were looking for someone who had been messing around in the lake at the outdoor venue of the July 2nd Foo Fighters concert. That's when this dude swooped in and made internet gold happen. I would say this was a complete waste of a ticket (especially since he missed the Foo and Alice Cooper), but fortunately someone caught it on their cell camera. That should make his stay in the jail a little more tolerable, probably not enough to make his 'assault on an officer' charge seem worthwhile though.