Man caves are so over, make way for a cave everyone has space for - a couch cave.

After slipping through his couch, Pedro Palhares, of Brazil, got the idea to use the space as a secret hideout. The 17-year-old went a step further by pimping out the couch cave with lights.

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This is very clever, but I would not last one minute inside this couch, or any other couch for that matter. I am claustrophobic AF - I would lose it. The thought of being stuck inside this small space makes me break out into hives. I can't even be in a place without windows, let alone inside of a couch. Could you do it?

If you have kids, this would be the ultimate hide and seek spot. They would never find you. Your kids will be looking for you for hours (maybe even days). You can climb in, kick back, and have you time. Take a nap, play on your phone, have a drink. The options are endless. You are welcome.




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