You can't even make this stuff up. This may sound like Flint to you, but this actually happened in Florida. A man and a woman in the Sunshine State were recently arrested after stealing a motorized cart from Walmart and riding it to a bar.

First of all - doesn't anyone ever think about security cameras? I can't even count how many criminal acts I have posted about where the criminal(s) were caught on surveillance. The good news for Walmart is Jeffrey Robert Sabiel, 50, and Santa Marie Walters, 32, were caught on camera. The bad news for us - NO footage has been released (as of now anyway). What a bummer, I need to see this.

The story gets better, the motorized cart/scooter was found parked outside of  Jimmy's Sports Bar in Largo and yes - the pair were inside of the bar. As you can guess, they were both arrested. I would like to think they were enjoying some tequila shots before they were busted, but that is just me.

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