I thought I'd seen it all until this low-budget 'Batman v. Superman' parody showed up in my news feed. The funniest part is that it's a commercial for an actual product.

BvS has faced a pretty insurmountable amount of criticism from movie sites, who have been thrashing Zack Snyder's superhero movie and claiming that it's a massive failure despite its record breaking box office take so aggressively that it's hard not to think they're motivated by some ulterior motive. That being said -- the movie was not perfect.

BvS was really long, and featured a few too many pointless subplots, like the whole bullet investigation thing that was clearly tacked-on to give Lois Lane "something to do." The worst part, IMO, is that it shortchanged what is, perhaps, the most iconic Superman storyline in the character's history. Even with all of those, mostly minor, complaints -- I loved the movie. Batfleck nailed it, which was the biggest concern for many -- myself included, and the last hour was really action-packed and exciting. A lot can be forgiven when you finish that strong... but that's not what this article is supposed to be about, so I digress.

What this article is about is a low-budget parody video, that takes "the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world" and flushes it straight down the toilet -- literally. You can watch that above. It's pretty dumb, but I laughed. Well played, Illumibowl. Your title could've been better though (see mine above).