If you were present for Rob Zombie's set at Loudwire Live, you definitely remember a moment he had with a mohawked Davison kid named Chayton Harris. Rob shared the moment on his Facebook page, solidifying the 8-year-old's status as the coolest kid in Genesee County. Check out our interview with the young rocker.

During his headlining set, Rob Zombie jumped down off the stage and put his arm around Harris, then signaled for his parents to snap a pic. Chayton, being the little rocker he is, threw up the horns without blinking and shot the camera a look that basically says, "Yeah, I'm rocking out with Rob Zombie right now. No big deal." Man, that kid is cool!

Rob was so impressed with the boy that later, during a break between songs, he cracked a joke about how the mohawked kid (Harris) in the front row was more hardcore than all the "comfortable people" in the back. Zombie then called upon Chayton to lead his half of the crowd in a sing-off against the other half for the pre-chorus of 'Sick Bubblegum.' Hilariously, the other half of the crowd -- led by the 8-foot-tall chainsaw-wielding clown most of you saw at the show and in your nightmares afterwards -- was given the word "rock" to chant, while little man's half was tasked with screaming "motherf---er." Rob, probably realizing what he had just asked a young boy to say, explained that Harris had to get his half of the crowd to chant the word louder "somehow without actually saying it." It was pretty memorable.

Clearly, Chayton made a lasting impression on Zombie as well. After the show, Zombie shared the photo on his Facebook page (see below) and, at the time of this article, it has been shared over 3,400 times and has over 90,000 times. Congrats, Chayton! In just 8 years, you've reached a level of coolness that most people never achieve in an entire lifetime. See you at the next show, bud!

Nice to see the kids coming out to rock in Flint, MI.

Posted by Rob Zombie on Monday, June 15, 2015

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