Many debates have occurred over this very topic about Euchre.

For many people in Michigan, learning to play the card game Euchre is considered to be a right of passage. However, learning to play can be the worst part of the game, but that is a different story. This topic concerns the Euchre veterans across the state.

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One point of contention between players in the game happened before you even look at your cards, the deal. There are a number of ways that a hand can be dealt, but which is the correct way? 3-2? 4-1? Depending on who you play with, the wrong choice can start a ruckus.

Sure this is may seem meaningless, but every Euchre player watches how you deal and has their own opinions. One thing that everyone can agree on is that dealing one card at a time around the table is wrong. Don't do that. If you do that is some parts of the U.P., you may never be seen again.

That leaves two other options. Between dealing cards in a 3-2 sequence and a 4-1 sequence, which one is correct? This is where things can get heated at the table as many players will live and die by their preferred method.

I am going to pick a side here and say that the correct way is the 3-2 sequence. If you deal the cards in a 4-1 fashion, just know that the rest of us now think that you are quite possibly a serial killer or psychopath. We also expect a lot of table talk out of you. We live in a society and society has rules. People that deal with the 4-1 sequence are the same people that put toilet paper on the roll with the opening in the back.

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