A father and son drug trafficking team were sentenced to federal prison after a drug raid. They were shipping and selling ecstasy out of a storefront on Detroit's west side. 

Sylvester Boston Sr.and his son, Sylvester Boston Jr. were selling the drugs out of a computer repair shop they created. Customers would come into S&B Computer Repairs and leave with bags of chips filled with ecstasy pills. Honestly, it was something like what you would see in a movie. The problem is that they made a classic movie mistake.

Authorities caught onto the operation when the father and son team started to use alias names. Not just any names. They decided to order things under the names of Tim Allen and Tracy Morgan. At one point, customs agents found a package with Tracy Morgan's name on it with a white powdery substance on it. After they tested that a full scale investigation was started.

The store was raided and the men were arrested. Now, Sylvester Boston Jr. is serving nine years in federal prison. His father is serving eight years.

Source: WDIV