Writing about the great Michigan nicknames last week, reminded me how long it has been since I have given a crap about the Detroit Pistons.

The NBA season is set to restart in July in Orlando. The virus is all over in Florida right now. So, IF the NBA season restarts as planned in July, the Pistons WON'T be there. Why? Because they made a terrible trade for Blake Griffin a few years ago and still owe him 75 million bucks for the next 2 seasons. It has handcuffed the team so bad they traded guys like Andre Drummond that actually wanted to be here. Andre is 26. Blake is an old 31. Anyway, the Pistons suck and need a savior.

I see a sign of hope. They signed Troy Weaver to be their next general manger. He comes from Oklahoma City where he helped draft and develop guys like James Harden and Russel Westbrook. Some say it's easy to draft good guys that high but we are a city who drafted Darko Milicic over some likely hall of famers. Weaver said he is excited to have a chance to build this team. The last Championship for the Pistons came over Shaq, Kobe, Phil Jackson and the Lakers back in 2004.

We KNOW the Pistons will have a good draft pick because they aren't playing in Florida. The NBA Draft Lottery was born the same year as Classic Rock back in 1985! The NBA Draft Lottery will be held in August and the Pistons will likely have a top 10 pick. They finished this season 20-46.

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