A Detroit restaurant owner has had it with people coming into his establishment underdressed and smelling like marijuana.

Caucus Club Detroit prides itself as being a fine dining establishment, where the ambience is part of the overall experience. This is why owner George Sboukis took to social media to call out poor attire and the "stench" of marijuana on some patrons.

According to WXYZ, Sboukis said the restaurant has never really had a published dress code, but since COVID, he said it seems people have gotten a little "lax" in their attire and personal habits.

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Caucus Club Detroit:

Seriously people, hoodies and jerseys are not business attire. Neither are ball caps and sneakers. Most importantly, if you smell like marijuana don’t even think of stepping inside the Caucus Club.

I can understand where the owner is coming from to an extent. I totally get that no one wants to go out to a nice restaurant only to have a group of weed smelling people sit down next to you while you're trying to eat your dinner. I mean if you're going to smoke before you go to dinner at least have the common courtesy to air yourself out first. Don't smoke a big fat one right before you walk in the door.

Owner George Sboukis:

The smell of cannabis, and it's very rare, it's probably once a week, but somebody will come in and either on their person or maybe they partook in some...it's so pungent that it can clear a room.

I think we all have to be respectful of each other. So if you're gonna dine with the Caucus Club, we would expect you to dress the part and to smell the part I guess.

When it comes to attire, you can't really bitch about the way people dress if you don't have some kind of a published dress code.

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