When it comes to a coney dog, do you prefer Flint style or Detroit style? If you crave a int style coney and live in Genesee County, you can pretty much get one on every corner. If you crave a taste of the 'D', but don't live near the Motor City, American Coney Island will ship you a Detroit style coney kit!

These kits can be ordered individually or for fundraisers. Each kit comes with Dearborn Sausage brand special recipe hot dogs, buns, a sweet onion, Detroit chili sauce, instructions and a hat. Shout out to my friends Lauren and Kristin for sharing their coney kit (and tequila) last night. Delicious! To order your kit, click here.

FYI - for those of you who prefer Lafayette Coney Island (right next door to American Coney Island), I could not find anything online about ordering kits from them. If you know different, let me know.

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