The most popular drink in Detroit could get you slapped if you ask the wrong person.

When it comes to names of alcoholic drinks and shots, there is no shortage of leud and sexually suggestive names. Most people can name at least ten off the top of their heads including names like "sex on the beach," "slippery nipple," "redheaded slut," and more. Well, Michigan's most popular drink fits in that category.

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According to, the most popular regional drink in Michigan is a creamy ice cream cocktail made with white rum, Kahlua liqueur, and ice cream. What is called? It is called a "Hummer." Why is it called that? Not for the reason you think it is. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Apparently, this drink was created by a dude named Jerome Adams from the Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit. One customer made a comment many years ago that drinking two of them made him want to hum. Thus, the hummer was born. According to this website, after becoming popular at the yacht club, it soon made started to become known around the state.

Is anyone else as confused as I am about this? Not once have I ever heard someone order this drink. Sure, I've been around smartass people that have asked for one thinking they were funny, but up until this very moment, I didn't know it was a real thing. Am I alone on this?

The second most popular drink is a Bullshot and the third is a June Bug. You can investigate these drinks for yourselves as well, just click here. 

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