Whether a driver is distracted or driving drunk, the consequences can be deadly. Recently, students that attend Davison High School got a close look at what can happen during an organized drill.

According to ABC12, Davison High School senior Kacie Love wanted to help drive the point home to her fellow students by spearheading a mock crash drill Wednesday as her senior capstone project. She got help from Davison Police, Richfield Township Police, Allen Funeral Home, the Genesee County Sheriff's Office, Swartz Ambulance and students and staff.

This mock crash was really set up nicely with a very emotional scene that included a car that rear-ended another, which ultimately ended up killing one of the high school students. An actor playing the victim's mother was freaking out at the scene of her daughter's death and had to be restrained by officers.

This is the closest thing students will come to when it comes to the consequences of distracted or drunk driving. To watch ABC12's coverage and video of the mock drill, click here. I think these mock drills should be performed at every school, every year, especially around prom season.

Below are some videos of other schools around the country performing similar drills.


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