In 2019, you will be able to jump on a cruise ship for a ten-day cruise without the hassle of flying south to a port. 

For the first time since 1967, passengers will be able to board a cruise ship from the Port of Detroit. Booking for the 2019 season on the ship, Victory II, has begun. The itinerary takes you through the Great Lakes and into Canada. See the destinations of the nine-night cruise below:

  • Day One: Detroit
  • Day Two: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Day Three: Niagara Falls
  • Day Four: Toronto
  • Day Five: Kingston, ON
  • Day Six: St. Lawrence Seaway
  • Day Seven and Eight: Quebec City
  • Day Nine and Ten: Montreal

This will definitely bring a lot more money into the city of Detroit, which is awesome. With all the stops for the cruise next year, it is estimated that the city could make around $10-$15 million dollars next season. Check out all the details and cruise options here.