Fair to Midland gained a lot of street cred from their many high energy performances at The Machine Shop (they'll be returning July 15th for the CD release party). The prog-rock outfit's second album 'Arrows and Anchors' is on it's way and we have the official video for the first single 'Musical Chairs'.

The video is actually a great representation of the band's live show; Frontman Darroh Sudderth's seizure like gyrations mixed with the incredible range of his vocals, heavy riffs that transition seamlessly into more melodic ambient sounds, driving bass, and drums that fire with the precision of a well oiled machine. If you are one of the few in Flint who have yet to see FTM live; you'll have another chance when they throw their CD release party at The Machine Shop July 15th, where tickets are just $12. After 20 minutes you'll see why they quickly became the "It" band to see at The Shop.

Guitarist Cliff Campbell recently spoke about meaning behind 'Musical Chairs' and the band's hardships during the recording of the album:

"A lot of the drive behind this new album has just been our lives for the last three years. We came from a small town of 10,000 people, we didn't really know anything, we were very green to the whole music industry, and we signed to a big label; one of the great lines was the A&R guy telling us 'your grandkids' grandkids are never going to have to worry about money.' At the time we took it as kind of tongue in cheek, but you look back after we got dropped and realize these people are evil. Things were cool for a while, and in 2009 we started work on our new record [Arrows and Anchors], but for a while you just get your spirit broken and it's hard to stay focused on writing great music. You have to have that passion behind it, and it just kind of kills your pride whenever all this music business shit happens, and you get broke and you're fucking working again; it's just hard to keep the life in the music and make it keep going and that song was about just never fucking knowing what's going to happen. You never know from day to day. You just try your best and try to get the top, but it doesn't matter in the end; it's all just the fucking flip of a coin."

Fair to Midland were previously signed to System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian's imprint Serjical Strike Records, they now call Entertainment One their home. 'Arrows and Anchors' will be available at stores and digital outlets July 12th.