Fair to Midland stopped by the Banana Studios today on their way to the Machine Shop for their CD release show today (July 15th) and we had the honor to record a very rare acoustic performance with Darroh and Cliff. Fair to Midland dropped Arrows & Anchors on July 12th -- this is their long awaited fourth album.

Before venturing to the Machine Shop, Darroh and the gang from Fair to Midland dropped by the Banana 101.5 studios to record an acoustic version of their latest single "Musical Chairs." Tony LaBrie was going to interview them and have them play the song live, but Darroh and Cliff were a little hesitant to do an acoustic live on the air -- if you have ever seen them live, you would understand how "active" the band is.

Instead of playing live on the air, we offered to record the performance and produce it down so the Banana could air the song.

Darroh and Cliff step into one of the Banana's production studios and began to record. After some tuning and level checks they were ready to roll -- Darroh informed us it was "early in the morning" for him and that his voice may not be warmed up.

After listening to the "rough" first take, Darroh and Cliff wanted to have another go at it, but part of the way through the song, Darroh's voice gave out. Not wanting to comprimize Darroh's voice for the show, they decided to keep the first take. After a bit of "doctoring" the tracks, we agreed to run with it. Check out the exclusive acoustic recording of "Musical Chairs" from Fair to Midland below.