You've probably seen multiple "making of the record" specials by now, but how often have you seen the creative process behind making an album cover? Texan prog-rockers Fair to Midland give us a look at how the cover artwork for the upcoming album 'Arrows and Anchors' came together.

Fair to Midland will be releasing 'Arrows and Anchors', the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2007 debut album 'Fables from a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True', on July 12th. The band's CD release party will be July 15th @ The Machine Shop and tickets are only $12.

There are many different approaches to making an album cover, lots of bands will take the easy route by using a photo of themselves looking cool or have a bunch of naked chicks on top of a Ferrari. Fair to Midland to the more hands-on (literally) approach to making the sleeve in which the CD will sleep. The album cover was made with a combination of different mediums including landscaping, photography, and artwork. Check out how it all came together.