Fair to Midland lose the second member in a month's time as percussionist Brett Stowers announced that he is leaving the band via his Facebook page.

It would seem that the band Fair to Midland have been experiencing some behind-the-scenes problems. Last month the band made the on-stage announcement that it was their last show with bassist Jon Dicken and now we've received word that drummer Brett Stowers has decided to leave the band as well.

The initial statement Stowers posted regarding his split with the band has been deleted and while no official statement has been made by the band, it appears that he is no longer a member. The band's Wikipedia page has been updated -- naming Logan Kennedy as the new drummer with Stowers filed in the former members category.

The band did make one announcement regarding lineup changes recently when they named former Opus Dai bassist Ryan Collier as their replacement for Dicken. Sources have told us that the band will be embarking on their upcoming tour with Dead Letter Circus despite the recent personnel changes.