The family of Jacob Hills desperately needs your help. The recent Grand Blanc graduate is missing and his loved ones are asking the public in the search.

Jacob, who lives in Lake Orion, was last seen in Dearborn Heights on Saturday night. His car has since been found abandoned in Dearborn Heights near Telegraph and Ford Road and reported to be stolen according to a post by his grandmother on Facebook. The family believes Jacob is in grave danger and is desperate for answers and help that will lead to him being found.

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Jacob, a 2022 graduate of Grand Blanc High School, has brown hair, and brown eyes, and he is 6 foot. He has a tattoo of a lion on his chest. His mother Erika Morse took to Facebook with a plea to friends, family, and the public to share her post to find her son. On her Facebook page, she shared pictures from just a week ago celebrating Jacob's graduation and his future plans to head to basic training with the Army National Guard.

The family is asking everyone to share Jacob's picture and information wherever they may live. If anyone has any information at all they are asked to contact the Dearborn Heights Police Department or Jacob's mother at 248-909-6064.

We are all praying that Jacob is found safe & sound quickly and is reunited with his family.

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