Several fans in attendance at Loudwire Live 2017 were lucky enough to score a meet & greet with our headliners, Halestorm. These are their stories.

Take it from the guy who almost got mobbed by foolishly telling people via the Banana app to "be the first to find me to score a meet & greet with Halestorm" -- that photo op was the most coveted thing we had up for grabs. I had at least 20 people come running at me immediately, and it was totally my fault. If looks could kill, I would've died about 30 times in a 1-minute time span.

After 10 years in radio, I think it might've been the first time I've seen people realize they lost a contest that they thought they were definitely going to win face to face --  it wasn't pretty, and definitely isn't a reaction I want to be on the receiving end of again. Next time I'll plan my approach a little better. I'm sorry I couldn't get all of you into the meet & greet. I would've if it was possible.

Now that I've cleared the air -- these are the folks who did get to journey inside the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center to meet Halestorm at Loudwire Live 2017.

Note: if you are in one of these photos and would like a high res copy, please email

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