Skillet fans -- including two little ones I know very well -- were thrilled to meet the band at Loudwire Live 2017. 

Halestorm brought a lot of people out to the Dort Federal Event Center for Loudwire Live, but we saw just as many, if not more people rocking Skillet shirts on Friday. The band has a huge following, and after meeting them for the second or third time -- it's not hard to see why there are so many "panheads." They're super-appreciative of their fans and it shows in how they interact with them in situations like this. They're always really friendly, which is not always how these things go down. Trust me.

I was in attendance for this particular meet & greet, because the two newest Skillet fans are my sons. They recently discovered their music and love it. Loudwire Live was their first rock concert, and Skillet was the first band they've met. They're off to a much better live music start than I had. I think my first concert was Da Yoopers at some county fair or 4-H festival. It's not something I'm proud of, but also not something for which I chose to be in attendance... but anyway, Skillet are good peeps and their meet & greet was super chill.

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