If you looked to the sky last night (Wed 10/20/) at roughly 12:45 am there's a real good chance you saw a fireball that lit up the sky.

The mysterious object was spotted all over the state with reports coming in from Belleville, Clinton Township, Fraser, Freeland, Holly, Howell, Pontiac, Port Huron Romulus, Trenton Warren, White Lake, and even the west side of the state.

It's unclear exactly what the object was but more than likely it was a large meteor that was simply burning up in the atmosphere. I suppose it could be space junk but NASA tracks more than 27,000 pieces of orbital debris and they haven't reported anything yet.

When I was a kid I witnessed a satellite that crashed into Saginaw Bay and it looked really similar to this strange object. According to WDIV, the American Meteorological Society said that it wasn't a natural fireball and appears to be the re-entry of an unknown satellite or spent rocket body.

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It's crazy to think how much garbage is floating in space around the earth. Don't believe me? Take a look at the image below which shows just how much orbital debris NASA tracks every single day.


The fireball which can be seen in the video below took a really long time to burn up. Normally a meteor is a quick flash in the sky that burns up rather quickly but that wasn't the case here.

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