I have no tolerance for airline passengers who misbehave and it's probably because my sister spent many years as a flight attendant, based mainly out of Detroit Metro Airport. And the stories she told would curl your hair.

So when I saw this video of Alfredo Rivera, the supposed flight attendant who describes -- in the most animated way possible -- how he took down an unruly passenger, I really wanted it to be real. Unfortunately, a quick Google search reveals that Rivera isn't an actual flight attendant, but a comedian who coincidentally has the same name as the passenger who recently filmed an altercation that took place between a passenger and flight attendant.

But the video is still funny as hell.

You've probably heard about the actual incident that happened earlier this month. Maxwell Berry, of Norwalk, Ohio had a few too many drinks and became unruly on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami. Berry allegedly groped two female flight attendants' breasts and attacked a male flight attendant. Clips of the encounter have been shown on major news outlets and flight attendants were forced to duct tape the man to a seat in order to contain him. He was arrested shortly after the plane landed.

So Rivera's description of the incident isn't that far-fetched.

"Sometimes our jobs have us attending to crazy people. If you push us too far, you're going to have attend this ass whooping," Rivera says, purporting to be a flight attendant. "So what I did is I took out the duct tape and he got scared."

If you haven't seen the video below, take a look. I wish it was real. I wish it had gone down exactly the way Rivera described it. And to hardworking flight attendants out there, those of us who behave ourselves on planes would love to see you be able to hand out the 'ass whoopings' Rivera describes, whenever it's necessary.

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