I love these pants and I've never seen this done before! Yes, I said pants. Leggings are pants in my opinion - two legs + waistband = pants. 

I met Pauly M. Everett at a friend's birthday party and we became Facebook friends. His art is very distinctive, easily recognizable, and vivid to say the least! A couple months ago I went to the Flint Local 432 for the first time to take pictures of my dance friends and I instantly noticed he has a large piece on the wall there too.

In particular I think my favorite thing about his creations would be the color schemes he uses. I usually prefer things in gray scale, yet the way he uses color is something I'm not used to, but really dig. Some of the things he paints may be dark in subject matter, but painted in such bright colors that it brings out even more feeling. It's just fun art, no matter the subject. I am a fan.

On to the leggings. LEGGINGS ARE PANTS, and I have no care that there are naysayers out there who don't agree. These things are so cool that covering them up would be a crime. Sandra Michele is the model according to the Facebook post, and she's a doll too!

I just wanted to highlight more cool art from our area. You know, because Flint is more than death and the water crisis. However there is an event mixing art with the water crisis that's open to the public. The "Flint Water Crisis: Buckham Gallery Responds" is an art show going on at Kettering University until early June. It tells a story that's been rehashed through politics, science and economics many times through a brighter medium - art! Some of Everett's work is featured along with other are artists, and you can find more details on the event here at the Facebook page!

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