Updated 3/27/2023: Avalon Black has released a killer video for 'Untouchable', check it out below.

Flint’s own Avalon Black released a new single today called 'Untouchable'.
The band traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana last year to record with producer Sahaj Ticotin of the band RA.

I asked guitarist Kriss Kress about the new song and working with Sahaj Ticotin,

'This song means a lot to us. Not only did we get to record with the incredible Sahaj Ticotin to create what you are hearing, but doing so brought us closer as a band. We hope you enjoy what you hear!'

Avalon Black drummer Jed Thibeault closely echoed those sentiments with the following remarks,

'Untouchable is one of the most powerful songs we have ever put out! I am super proud of it and was stoked that we got to work with the legendary Sahaj Ticotin! Turn this one up and sing it loud!'

Avalon Black did film a music video for 'Untouchable' with Revo Media in Grand Rapids. The video will be released soon, be sure to follow Avalon Black on all social media platforms for updates and details.

On a hilarious and personal note, my boyfriend Nick who works for the band has agreed to get a tattoo of the four band members' faces in the style of Mount Rushmore on his rear end if 'Untouchable' reaches 1,000,000 streams. Let me assure you, he is not kidding (as you will see in the video below).

Avalon Black will be playing 'Untouchable' for the first time live on Friday, April 7th at The Machine Shop when they appear with Shallow Truths and Werewolves. Tickets are $10 in advance and are on sale now. As always persons 18 and up are welcome with proper ID. Doors open at 7:00 PM.

Listen to 'Untouchable' below. Congrats Avalon Black on another killer tune.

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