In a new study examining wealth and income inequality in the United States, Flint and Detroit both landed in the top ten for the most distressed cities.

Flint and Detroit are Michigan's one-two punch for these kind of lists. There's rarely a "Worst City for _____" list that the pair don't show up on, and even our friend Saginaw gets to play third-wheel from time to time. However, this time our neighbors to the north did not make it to the party.

The latest of these comes from a Nextcity article examining the most wealthy, as well as the most-distressed cities in the United States, and lists Flint and Detroit as numbers nine and ten, respectively. The criteria they used to determine the list include "poverty rate, percentage of adults without high school degrees, percentage of adults not working, and change in number of business establishments between 2010 and 2013."

Based on the aforementioned criteria, Flint has a 99% "distress score," but we're guessing it would at least be tied with Camden, New Jersey at number one with 100% if the water quality were factored in. Like Flint and Detroit, most cities on the list are victims of deindustrialization.

Here's the full list by city and their corresponding distress score:

  1. Camden, New Jersey  -- 100%
  2. Cleveland, Ohio -- 99.9%
  3. Gary, Indiana -- 99.8%
  4. Youngstown, Ohio -- 99.6%
  5. Hartford, Connecticut -- 99.5%
  6. Utica, New York -- 99.4%
  7. Harlingen, Texas -- 99.3%
  8. Albany, Georgia -- 99.1%
  9. Flint, Michigan -- 99.0%
  10. Detroit, Michigan -- 98.9%