It's like Monopoly, but different.

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Game night just got cooler - say hello to Flint Oopoly. City based Monopoly board games have been a hit for the last few years, and now Flint has its own board game too.


In place of Boardwalk and Park Place, city themed Monopoly games feature local businesses. The Flint Opoly edition has the follwoing places on the board,

  • Tenacity Brewing
  • Mott Lake
  • Flint Crepe Company
  • Italia Gardens
  • Starlite Diner
  • Applewood Estate
  • Whaley House Museum
  • Oliver T's Market
  • Downtown Flint
  • Donna's Donuts
  • Longway Planetarium

Heads up players, be on the lookout for traffic jams and fines along the way. You can see the full board below.

Flint Opoly can be found at local Walmart stores and at Walgreen's on the corner of Fenton and Bristol Roads (while supplies last).

Walmart Facebook
Walmart Facebook

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